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Between the buried and me preform “White Walls” live Incoming rant,

June 24, 2011


Between the buried and me preform “White Walls” live


Incoming rant, be warned.


So, I’ve been watching “The Voice”, an American Idol knockoff show that has been getting decent reviews lately. To be brief, this show pisses me off; the fact that some of  these douchebags get to parade their “talent” on national television is a disgrace to music. To be fair, there are some good, talented people on this show. But most are just singers who can “perform with confidence”. Woo-hoo. We need more of those, America.


Another show that got under my skin last night was “So You Think You Can Dance”. Now, these people have some serious, serious talent. But, I’m not really angry at the contestants. What I am concerned with is the “filler performances”. They had a group of about 20 kids, aged 8-18 (yes, eight years old) performing at one point. While I could tell these kids were really talented, it makes me sad. Especially when I saw a few 8 year old girls in scanty outfits working their bodies like most 25 year old girls can’t do. If you know what I mean. It was quite disturbing. What’s even more disturbing is that it’s illegal in America for those girls to get a job at the local arcade. Or at a burger king. Isn’t that sad?


Another performance that was very confusing was one by the group “LMFAO”. Apparently a very, very popular “electro-hop duo”. Let me make this clear; their backup dancers can really dance, and the song is catchy. But their lyrics and music writing skills are absolutely ter-ri-bad. But maybe that’s the point. I really want to believe that these guys are joking around… but I really don’t think they are. With singles such as “I’m in Miami, bitch”, “La La La” and “Yes”, it leaves me wanting more… intellect. Let me get to the point of the posted video.


Contrary to the previous few paragraphs, a large portion of society still idolizes real musicians. While mindless pop music is taking its last breath, true music thrives. There’s more to life than pretending to be wealthy when you’re not. The pop music industry is conditioning your mind to believe that material possessions will give you happiness and societal worth. They don’t. They are teaching you to stay in a state of narcissism and delusion, and to pursue a child-like lifestyle of a super-rich, arrogant celebrity. You’re not one of them.


End of rant.


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