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If a Libertarian was on the Titanic…

July 6, 2011

Libertarian: Ok everyone, be calm. Our ship has hit an iceburg and we are sinking! We must get to the life boats!
General Public: Shut up, conspiracy theorist. The ship is not sinking. Also, we aren’t on a ship. We’re on a large floating object designed to carry desirables across the sea. Now, don’t disturb me while I’m sleeping.
Libertarian: No, really, the ship is sinking. Please, follow me to the lifeboats. You will drown if we don’t move quickly!
Republican: I agree! proceeds to shovel more water into the boat
Democrat: We must give the captain all of our money!
Libertarian: The boat is now splitting in half. I’m running to the life boats now. Goodbye.
Republican: Uhhh… yeah… fill the holes with money… Shovels the money into his own pocket
General public: Did somebody say money? I’d like some, please.
Captain: Money for everyone!


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