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This blog is authored by a young political enthusiast with a voluntaryist perspective. I’m also a registered republican, gun owner, Ron Paul supporter, proponent of civil liberties and Free State Project member. My views can most easily be described as a minarchist, though I believe liberty can be achieved through voluntary, civil actions.

This country was founded on the basis that The United States and its colonies/states were to hold consensual and voluntary bodies of government; those who did not consent could withdraw their support of such governing authority without molestation. I am a proud believer in these ideas. I also support the forging of new documents and governing laws which reflect a consensual and voluntary subscription.

But of course, these ideals cannot to expected to be embraced over night or even within the next few decades. For this reason, I am a supporter of non-violent civil resistance and disobedience to achieve these goals slowly and steadily into the future.

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